Role of Technology in Talent Management: High-Tech v/s High-Touch

Human Resources function is at the crossroads of technical confluence today. Technology has taken HR and Talent Management from a desk- and a paper- based activity to a faster, wider and efficient affair. All Business experts have predicted a deeper immersion of technology into HR in future, no single HR future trend goes by without mentioning technology, automation and analytics to be the changing force for HR in coming years and no national/international HR conclave concludes without discussing the way tech is paving the way forward.

The digitization of HR has happened across all verticals including people programs, service delivery and how we curate and deliver employee experience.

Let us take a glance at various touch points of technology for HR and how does the future prospect look like.

Recruitment, Algorithms, Analytics: The companies are trying to get away from the glitches of human bias and errors by automating the process through various algorithms. For instance, Entelo, Gild, Textio and GapJumpers are some ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) using business intelligence, data and blind skills testing to cut through traditional recruiting challenges. This means the mundane task of vetting candidates can be spent less time on and the strategic focus of recruitment can stay intact which is another core concern for future HR- Strategy alignment.

People and Workforce Analytics: Another buzzword in the industry of HR is analytics. HR is today where Marketing was a decade Ago-Toiling hard to make sense of the available data to drive critical decisions about the market and the product. HR today is trying to make sense of data to predict retention, performance management, employee training needs, Policy effectiveness and a lot more. Google is one of the pioneers in this front and a lot of organizations are catching up.

Training, Development and Learning: With the workforce going global and teams going virtual, the learning and training needs are being met through the medium of technology. Concepts such as gamification have added a new dimension to Learning altogether.

So it can be easily said that there is no doubt about a significant shift that is being caused in HR by technology. But some experts have gone overboard to predict a complete demise of HR with the rise of automation processes. The dilemma such predictions cause is High-Tech v/s High-Touch. Undoubtedly, HRs need a whole new set of improved skills today to meet up the dynamic business requirements and hence there is going to be an evolution but never a demise. Dilemma here is that no matter how advanced technology you deploy, human touch is essential to drive Human resources. Sophisticated software has eased out candidate vetting process but a testimony of faith is only provided through face-to-face human interview processes. Trainers are still required to provide quality training content and expertise and experience is still required to analyse huge chunks of people data.

In all, transactional tasks of HR will be more and more automated in future and thus, will evolve an HR consisting of people with less of administrative responsibilities and more of analytical and business skills that will thrive on technology to align with business strategy and meet new age employee’s needs.