The Top 10 skills that students learn in 2022

As we are living in a competitive world learning a new skill that are of high demand will be more profitable and less stressful in earning a living. Below are some of the jobs in high demand in 2022

1. Web Development.

In the present day scenario where every business activities ranging from product to service delivery have been digitized. Organizations have moved from traditional marketing to internet where customer all over the world can accessed their products and services through their websites. Websites developers are in high demand these days.

Areas of specialization in websites development.

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  •  Full stack developer
  • Website manager

2. Cloud Computing Career Paths:

Cloud computing is a new trend in the field of computing and of high demand. Cloud computing has enable people to work remotely these days. It has also enable organizations to store their data remotely without worrying about storage capacity and security

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Administrator

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is also another lucrative career path that has pop up in the twenty first century. It is predicted that the global AI market will face a sharp increase in the next few years,  estimated to reached  size of $190.61 billion by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence Career Paths:

  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist

4. Big Data

Where data are large and massive big data come into play. It is used to harvest, analyzed large size of data through specialized software. The field of data is a lucrative field for those trying to find a better future.

Big Data Career Paths:

  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Manager
  • Data Scientist

5. UX/UI Design

 These two fields User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are new trend within web development, both geared towards ensuring that users are able to derive the most value out of their visit to a website. Most organizations all over the world today are scrambling for user Experience(UX)and User Interface(UI) designers

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing been a new field in the web content has been predicted to be the major source of viewed web content by 2023 it is estimated that 85% of all web-related traffic, coupled with the fact that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

Video Marketing Career Paths:

  • Content Creator
  • Video Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

7.  The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been playing a key role in the digital world it has been seen as a the bridge that links digitally enabled devices and enables them to communicate, share data, and so on, across the internet.  The internet in the past, was mainly used on computers only—but today the trend has changed drastically you can connect to devices such as watches, fridges, cars, and so on.

The Internet of Things Career Paths

  • Data Analytics
  • Network Specialist
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

8. Digital Marketing

In today’s digital fast moving world most of the population is moving to the online channels because of it ease and convince so the marketing environment has also adapted the change and moves digital. The demand for digital marketers has dramatically increased over the past few years and is still increasing proportionately.

 Digital Marketing Career Paths:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social media marketing

9. Content Marketing

 In todays dynamic marketing environment new brands continue to emerge and older brands continue to attempt to maintain or grow their market share, content marketing will remain a high-demand skill 

It is predicted that content marketing will experience a whopping $417.85 billion growth around the world between 2021 and 2025.

 The market for content has seen a sharp in demand and is currently very competitive, with such high levels of growth, there will continue to be room for new entrants.

Content Marketing Career Paths:

  • Content Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Writer
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

10. Project Management

 As companies work on many projects at the same time and managing them is a very complicating task. The field of project management needs a careful planning and budgetary because failing to manage the projects, then it can destroy their reputation in a flash.  In order to avoid this embarrassing situation they need project managers for the smooth running of projects.

Career options in Project Management:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Co-coordinator
  • Project Head