5 Tips for Aspiring Photography Consultants

Becoming a consultant of any kind can be difficult in today’s ultra-competitive climate, especially in a niche like photography where a certain level of expertise is an understood prerequisite. If you’re planning on becoming a photography consultant, hopefully you already have some experience as a photographer, and if not, you should be prepared to gain some if you want to be taken seriously by prospective clients. With that said, if this is something you’re passionate about getting into, consider the following 5 tips to get the ball rolling in your newfound career.


1.     Target the Mobile Photography Niche

As a conventional photographer, you might not be interested in the mobile side of things, but there is a huge gap left to be filled for consultants in this sector. With the iPhone and other mobile devices having new photography accessories and apps introduced every year, and mobile apps controlling photography drones, there’s a whole new consulting market out there just waiting to be conquered. You can use mobile tech blogs like Moblivious. Comto follow trending tech in the mobile scene, which will help you stay knowledgeable and ahead of the adaptation curve for the benefit of your clients and your reputation.


2.     Have an Overwhelming Portfolio of Your Own

Nobody wants to listen to a consultant that has nothing to back their claims of expertise, which is why most industry consultants are seasoned veterans in their niche. The “fake it until you make it” approach can work in some niches, but photography consultants really have to know their stuff when advising other photographers because they tend to be a savvy bunch. Thus, it’s important to have an impressive photography portfolio on your website and social networking profiles to show evidence of your skills and give people a reason to contact you.


3.     Prove the Business Value You Provide

Proving your ability to take great pictures is one thing, but what most clients are really interested in is being able to sell their photography and make a living from it. Prospective clients want to see metrics, screenshots, testimonials, and any other kind of proof that’s shows you’re worth a consultation fee. Blogging about your promotional process and publishing case studies of previous clients are additional ways you can bolster your image as a photography consultant.


4.     Study Lighting, Angles, and Editing

Even if you already have decent knowledge as a photographer, brushing up on the skills side of the equation can go a long way in making you sound more knowledgeable during initial consultations. You want your clients to think “hey, this guy not only showed me how I can sell my photography but also how I can make it better.”


5.     Become a Master Marketer

Every consultant should know that half the job is all about marketing, as is the case with most other businesses. If you can become a highly proficient marketer, you’ll be able to help clients achieve their goals reliably using your promotional skill set to get the job done.

These 5 tips should help you become the photography consultant you’ve always dreamed of being. Now that you have the tools, it’s time to go out and show the world what you’ve got. Remember, every picture tells a story and yours are epic, so don’t be afraid to promote them. Yours is a story waiting to be told. Now go and tell it!