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Education Loan Options

Bank/Financier Rate of Interest Loan Amount Available Collateral Processing Fee
12% to 16% p.a. Rs.40 lakh Loan With & Without Collateral
Available + Moratorium period
2 % of Loan Amount + GST
12% - 16% p.a. Rs.1 crore (With Collateral)
Rs. 40 Lakhs (Without Collateral)
Loan With & Without Collateral
Available + Moratorium period
1% to 1.25% + GST
14% to 16% p.a. 7 Lakh With Collateral -
Without Moratorium
4% + GST
8% to 12% p.a. 7 Lakh With Collateral -
Without Moratorium
4% + GST
*Terms & Conditions Applicable
*Processing Fee Dependent On Bank/NBFC


Gaurav Sahnan has been searching up for an education loan without any security for the past three years. Luckily, He managed to get his loan approved with a low-interest rate and without any collateral when he contacted empower youth. In addition, he said empower youth was very helpful to him during the sanctioning process and the disbursement of the loan. He said that empower youth kept regular contact with him to inquire about the status of his visa until he received it. Lastly, he is extremely grateful to empower youth for making the dream of studying abroad a reality.

Mr. Gaurav Sahnan

Arshpreet Kaur, a supply chain management student, shares her success story with Empower Youth. Obtaining a loan from Empower Youth enabled her to pursue a college education in Canada. She applied for a loan from several banks in her program's two-year duration, but each time her application was rejected. One of her friends told her about empower youth, so she applied for a loan to fund her education. Within 10 days her loan was sanctioned and approved. Besides this, she only had to visit the office once, and that was for document submission. Everything went smoothly, so she is very appreciative of the entire team at empower youth for helping her.

Ms. Arshpreet Kaur

Why Choose Education Loan

We ensure 100% transparency throughout the education loan process. Our education loan counsellors will stay by your side at every step of the whole process.

  • Transparency
  • Secure
  • Technology
  • Flexible Collateral
  • Support
  • Tax benefits


  • 1. What all documents are required for the approval of loan via EmpowerYouth?
    The following documents will be required to submit for loan approval.
    - PAN CARD (mandatory in certain Banks/NBFC's)
    - PHOTO
    - 10TH to Last Qualification
    - OFFER LETTER (mandatory in certain Banks/NBFC's)
    - EMAIL ID
  • 2. Is the loan available for abroad studies too?
    Yes. The loan is available for both India and abroad.
  • 3. When do we have to start to repay the loan?
    Direct EMI starts next month from the date of sanctioning of loan
    or Moratorium period (simple interest is charged on the amount disbursed)
  • 4. What all expenses will be covered in the loan?
    The following expenses will be covered depending upon the terms of Banks/NBFC:-
    Fee payable at college/ school/ hostel
    Examination/ library/ laboratory fee
    Travel expenses/ passage money for studies overseas
    Insurance premium for student borrower
    Caution deposit, building fund/ refundable deposit supported by institution bills/ receipts
    Purchase of books/ equipment/ uniforms/ instruments
    Purchase of computer at reasonable cost if required for completion of the course
    Any other expense required to complete the course like study tour, project work, thesis.
  • 5. Is there any collateral required to secure the loan?
    The collateral for security will depend from case to case. We will study your case and inform accordingly.

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