With our Interest Free Education Loan, we will make it simple and easier for you to fulfil your dream of studying in your desired College/University.

Why Interest Free Education Loan?

Going for an Education Loan lowers down the burden on your family savings. On the same hand, think of an education loan that is INTEREST FREE. At EmpowerYouth, we have come up with Interest Free Education Loan to meet all your financial needs and help you get your dream education.

Quick & Simple Loan Process
Minimal Amount Of Paperwork
Live Tracking of Loan Application
Any Semester Interest Free Loan
Loan Process

Apply Online

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Benefits For Parents

Tax Rebate
Parents can file for tax rebate under Income Tax Returns till the loan is going on.
Reduces Financial Burden
Parents can easily repay off the loan with easy installments which reduces burden of one time payment of huge amounts.
Easy Repayment
Parents can easily repay off in installments that are set according to their repayment capacities.
Time Saving Process
Whole process is online which saves a lot of time and the reverts on the cases are shared in 7 working days.
At Home Service
Customer can avail service at home as provides services online.
Online Documentation
No need to provide physical copies of documents. Pdfs are the safest and fastest mode to share documents.
Cash Income
Parents having total cash income like income from tuition, boutique, agriculture income etc are considered.
Non-ITR cases
Parents with no or 1 ITR can avail the service of education loan with

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Here jaskaran, facing the financial problem due to which i have to take the student loan which i first prefer to apply from empoweryouth, i contacted them and with their efforts to complete my documentation i therefore achieve my goals to pursue my study in the university.
He thanks Empower Youth for putting in so much effort. He recommends everyone should contact Empower Youth for education loans.

Mr. Jaskaran

During the pandemic, Prabhjot Batra, a student at the GNE University, applied for an interest-free loan from empower youth. He said that the process was easy, and he is extremely thankful to the entire team at empower youth for being cooperative and helping him in the process. Finally, he thanks empower youth for their support.
He thanks Empower Youth for putting in so much effort. He recommends everyone should contact Empower Youth for education loans.

Mr. Prabhjot Batra

Greeting everyone, Gursimranjit Kaur thanks empower youth since her sister has been able to pursue further education only because of empower youth. She said because of financial difficulties, it was difficult for them to pay huge tuition fees for college but this obstacle has been removed by empower youth. They received an interest free education loan from empower youth with minimal paperwork involved. Because of empower youth, her sister was able to study further. Furthermore, she encourages all those with similar issues to contact empower youth. Finally, she said that empower youth helps students a lot and she is very grateful for their services.

Mrs. Gursimranjit Kaur

Neetu from Jalandhar shared her experience as she took an education loan for her brother and sister from empower youth. She appreciates how genuine our company is and how simple the steps are to get an education loan from empower youth. Moreover, she mentions that the loan approval to disbursement process took only 5-7 days, which is less than a week. In addition, her EMI is for three years at a very affordable rate. One of the biggest things she likes about Empower Youth is the interest-free education loan it offers, which are difficult to obtain anywhere else. In her opinion, it was very convenient to have all of the formalities online, such as signing and submitting documentation with no hassle at all Hence she is so thankful for everything.

Ms. Neetu

In her testimony, Jesintha recounts her experience at empower youth and describes her desire to continue her higher education but she was not able to pursue higher education due to financial problems. When she heard of empower youth, she applied for the loan and received it easily. She got enrolled in a B.Ed. program and it was quite easy for her to pay the EMIs she added. Additionally, she had no difficulty getting an interest-free education loan and was not under any pressure. She ends by thanking Empower Youth for making it possible for her to pay her tuition fees.

Ms. Jesintha

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