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Past Webinars
Vanesh Sharma

The stock market is riddled with uncertainty, but certain tried-and-true principles can help investors boost their chances for long term success. Some of the more important basic investment advice includes riding winners and selling losers; avoiding the urge to chase "hot tips"; resisting penny stocks that have little or no chance at being profitable in a short time span because they'll lose all your money if you invest it now instead what would be better than waiting until tomorrow? And finally picking an investing style then sticking to it so as not become completely overwhelmed by everything going on around us today!

  • If your time horizon allows it, a focus on the future with an eye toward long-term investment can maximize profits for most any investor.
  • 08-Oct
    Vishal Verma

    The main factors that sets those who achieve their dream job apart from the rest is prioritise. High achievers define what they want - and when, create a list of steps towards achieving this goal with an ultimate deadline for completion which leaves no room for procrastination or excuses along the way
    I had always been told "dreams die in vain" but as soon as you put your mind on paper through writing down goals (in whatever form) then putting deadlines around them; these become much easier to accomplish!Your dream job is the map of your journey is meant to take you in this life and not doing what it takes to get to your dream job is a waste of brain.

    Aastha Hora, Divya Jain, Kavya Khurana, Saourabh Sameer

    Present-day education is radically different from that of the past. The youth are unaware of and oblivious to the importance of recognizing and embracing these changes. They are also utterly lost on their career path and have no idea where their career is taking them. Considering these facts, educational reform is not just about reforming the education system, but attempting to overthrow our present educational system.

    Webinar topics:

    • It's About Making Learning Easy For Students.
    • Is Education Continuing a Proud Tradition?
    • A new paradigm for higher education.
    • Increased Globalization.
    • Technological advancements.
    • Developing a research-based approach to teaching and learning.
    ₹ 200
    Aditi Shrivastva, Airf Ulla, Avijit Arya, Eva Sharma, Evan Luthra, Harshil Karia, Pragun , Shalya Gupta, Sushma Mathur
    The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit will help you unleash your potential as a person and as an entrepreneur. The disruptive event structure is designed to guide you step by step in the creation of your own venture. You will gain all the personal and professional skills to create dynamic new startups that have meaning for you in an economic or social context. The event will encourage you to think differently and work towards creating something new for the world. It will help you to identify, develop, and execute entrepreneurial opportunities with economic and social impact. Learn to initiate creative thinking and innovation and manage product development. The event is designed to help you develop the personal skills, qualities, and mindset to lead and manage new growth-oriented ventures. Build your true potential and reflect on your entrepreneurial journey towards business development and continuous learning to create new strategies and ideas.

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