The Big “M” Word And How Marketing The Right Way Will Transform Your Business

It might have all started with an idea. An idea for something that you wholeheartedly believed in. It might have been a gap in the market. It might have been a new product or service that is needed. Whatever your idea is, you become transfixed and focused on making it your reality. Starting a business from nothing can be a very scary prospect, you might be overwhelmed by all of the things that you need to do. But at the same time, the excitement is what drives you to make it happen.

Once your business is up and running, and you have your plan all in place, you may be wondering how it is you are going to get those sales to allow your business to sky rocket. So here are some of the ways that marketing the right way will transform your business. 

A content strategy 

One of the first things to think about would be the content that you share. A content strategy can be so many things to do with your business. For starters, it can be the content that you share on social media. But it can also be the write up on your website, or the content that gets shared through email promotion. The best advice would always be to be consistent with the message. Deciding upon what your sales strategy is and then combining that with the right level of content to make it happen. This is when it might be worth outsourcing this to a content creator or a freelance writer. They can then ensure that things flow. 

Technology is the key 

There is no denying how much we rely on technology today and with your business and your marketing, you will rely on it more than you realise. It’s whether you want to look at CMO versus CTO versus CIO in terms of the content management that you need. Whether you choose scheduling tools for social media so that you can constantly post and remain present online, even when you are not there. There are so many positive ways that technology can help you with your business, so it is definitely worth bearing that in mind when it comes to maximising your marketing for your business. 

Social media consistency

We have already mentioned it, but there is such importance in remaking consistent online on social media platforms. The new algorithms that have been put in place for the likes of Facebook and Instagram means that if you are not posting on them regularly then your audience won’t automatically see your posts when you do. This is when a separate strategy for social media could help you do that. Things like posting sales information and offers is great, but also mixing that up with with general information advice or something a little different like relevant news can also keep your audience engaged and interested. 

Focusing on the local area

At the moment, there has been a real shift in the way people want to shop online or make purchases, and it is now more focused locally. People are wanting to save their high street and support local businesses rather than going to larger companies. From a marketing perspective this is great news. This is something that could work in your favour, especially if you are the only business locally doing what you do. Advertise locally, use local social media groups to advertise, and also be present in the community. Getting involved in local events, sponsoring local charities and even being able to have something like a pop-up shop at local events can all be great ways to attract the right attention locally. 

A blog to run alongside your business 

Finally, a blog that can run alongside your business is always going to help drive traffic to your main website, and so again, from a marketing side of things, this could be another sales element to add to your repertoire. A blog doesn’t have to be specifically sales lead, in fact, it will probably be more well received if it wasn’t. However, still making it relevant to your business niche is key. Articles that include links to your main website means that when people using relevant keywords on search engines your blog articles may come up in the results as well as your website. Giving your business a much stronger chance of being seen in the online world. 

Let’s hope that these suggestions help you to market your business in the right way in the future.