Top 5 Extraordinary Ways to Motivate Employees

It is easy to understand why motivation can – and surely will – erode, sooner or later, in a workplace. Just think of the monotonous beat that daily office work gives off. While many fields of work can at first be exhilarating, the steady flow of work will almost inevitably lead to the doldrums. If we really analyze it, employee motivation (or the lack of it) can be the result of the convergence of several reasons. Yet, there are tried and tested ways to keep your employees’ motivation levels high and ensure that the workplace would not turn into a rolling field of boredom. Here we list five extraordinary ways to motivate employees:

Show them what inspiration looks like

People say that inspiration comes from various sources. Yet, in the office setting, what better way for employees who are looking for inspiration than to find that in the management. If you are a mid-level supervisor – or even at the top echelons of the company or workplace – you need to show the employees under you not only who’s boss, but how to maintain that pulsating radiance of loving your work. Want your employees to come early? Try to be the earliest bird in the office! Want your men and women to turn in reports and deliverables at the proper time? Hand in your work earlier than the deadline! Most employees take their cue from their immediate superiors and bosses. If you are in that position, and you notice that inspiration is running low in your workplace, there is no better way than to examine how your actions have been affecting your employees’ motivation levels. For proper workforce management you may need to use time and attendance solution, that allows to track employees’ presence and thus the productivity during the working time.

Cheer up the workplace

Boredom strikes when monotony kicks in. Each day, you get to the office, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit in your cubicle and type the day away. A little change in the work atmosphere can keep boredom away and maintain motivation levels high. You can go from the simple rearranging of office quarters – you would be surprised to see how shifting seat and cubicle assignments alone can create a buzz in the office. You can also refurbish from time to time – do a little painting job and change the color of the accent wall or change the decorations or motifs in the workplace. Putting something different keeps boredom at bay, and spikes healthy curiosity among employees. Another easy way is to provide piped-in preppy music – something akin to that being played in coffee shops, but something more upbeat yet not so disturbing. Hearing beats like this can help lighten the mood and cheer up the workplace.

Ignite friendly competition

While we must value the importance of teamwork and emphasize that the achievements of a department or a company are collective achievements, a little friendly competition in the workplace would not hurt. Incentivize – not only through monetary rewards, but by recognizing, for example, the most punctual employee, or having a regular ‘Employee of the Month’ competition. Friendly competitions like this will not result in breaking up team-building ties, but rather, make employees truly feel that you value and see their work and their effort.

Maintain a real, working feedback mechanism

Loss of motivation can sometimes spring from unvoiced complaints or feedback that keeps getting brushed under the rug. A good workplace should maintain not only a working communication system but a real feedback mechanism, wherein an employee with a concern – no matter what rank he or she is on – can find a way for the management to hear said concern. Such working feedback mechanism sends a message to employees that they are not seen as mere robots doing menial tasks, but rather as real, breathing human beings with their own strengths and weaknesses, and skillsets that are all appreciated by the management. Feedback from employees can also help the management address any elephant in the room that can potentially wipe motivation from employees.

Get the help of the experts

Seeking motivation? Why not bring in motivational speakers in awe-inspiring talks and skill training? Hold teambuilding activities that are not only for tradition’s sake but to really spark inspiration and motivation. Invite an expert in your field that you know would excite your employees. Encourage everyone to attend such symposiums and company seminars (you can even entice them by setting up or keeping a scoring system wherein attendance to such seminars earn them points – or if all things fail, offer free food!). By holding these training and motivational talks regularly, the staff will surely appreciate how the management wants them to continue growing and not become stagnant uninspired office wallflowers.

Sometimes, a little nudge to the right direction can already spark motivation. Have more ideas to keep employee motivation at healthy levels? Leave a comment below!