U.S.A V/S CANADA - Which is Cheapest and Best Country for Studies?

 USA and CANADA are the two most popular countries that international students choose for Education.
But which country is the Cheapest for Education? We have listed down some of the most common cost parameters and compared each country to know the best for you.

(Please note, all figures are in USD and have been converted for convenience and for ease of comparison)



·       Tuition Fees

·       Accommodation/Rent

·       Food/Restaurants/Groceries

·       Health care

·       Public Transport


Tuition fees
Canada has some of the cheapest tuition fees for international students compared to other countries. Canada works out cheaper than studying in the USA and even cheaper than the UK and Australia.

For undergraduate courses in Canada, tuition fees range from around $5,000 – $20,000 per year.
For undergraduate courses in the USA, tuition fees start from about $23,000 per year and it is widely accepted to be one of the most expensive countries to study in for international students. However, there is a lot of financial help available in the USA.

Findings: Canada is cheaper

Accommodation costs vary depending on where you choose to study in each country.

For example, smaller towns will be cheaper than big cities.
In the USA, rent can vary from $500 – $3,500 per month. If you choose to live on-campus, the cost will be around $9,800 per year for public colleges and around$11,100 per year for private colleges.
Rent for an apartment in Canada can range from about $500 to $1,500 per month whilst living on campus works out between $2,300 – $6,000 per year.

Findings: Canada is cheaper

Doing your monthly food shop in the USA should cost you around $300-$500 per month and there is a range of cheap supermarket chains such as Wal-Mart and Target to help you keep costs down.
If you’re looking to save even further, a lot of university campuses in the USA have meal plans for students which cost around$170-$250 per month, and Restaurants in the US cost you around $15 (Meal for 1).

In Canada, your monthly food shop should cost you around $150-$190. At some universities, on-campus meal plans are compulsory for resident students and can cost around $4,000 a year, and Restaurants in CANADA cost you $17 (Meal for 1)

Findings: Canada is cheaper if you want to live off-campus and for enjoying restaurants its the US





In CANADA, there are free Healthcare Services provided to the public they care for people living in the country whether the person is their country’s citizen or a foreigner

whereas in the US There is SubsidizedPublic Healthcare provided to the public and there is a bit of racism that exist in the country, they favor more for their own citizen than as compared to foreigners.

Findings: CANADA is best for Health care


Public transport

In the US the transportation Charges cost you around $107.85 (monthly) whereas in CANADATransportation charges cost you about $ 139.73 (monthly)

Findings: the US is Cheaper for Transportation.

Canada is a cheaper and best option for international students compared to the USA. However, some may argue you get more for your money in terms of degree quality and university reputation in the USA. We understand choosing where to study can be an extremely difficult decision so why not talk to one of our studies abroad specialists to help you talk through your options and help you make a decision.