7 tips for a beautiful authentic cover letter
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If you’re not comfortable tooting your own horn, writing a cover letter can be even worse than crafting a beautiful resume- telling your future employer why they should hire you is nerve wracking, uncomfortable, and generally goes against what we’re taught as children; stay humble. When you’re writing a cover letter, you have to show your employer (often in just a few sentences) why they should pick you instead of someone equally capable or more so than you. You have to mine your talents and skills and promote them in the biggest, brightest light. And that is not only something we’re taught not to do, but concurrently something we’re legitimately not to taught to do at all! I’ve included a sample of a beautiful, authentic cover letter, but I want to give you seven tips to creating your own beautiful authentic cover letter. There is also a free checklist in the Millennial Life Skills Vault. Employers will respond a lot better to something you’ve written yourself. Something that sounds like you. If it sounds like me (a professional resume guru) or worse, MS Word, they’re going to throw it in the trash pile before they get to “sincerely,”.


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