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I had no idea what a cover letter was until about a month into my first semester of college when I went to apply to be an orientation leader. Then I was scrambling trying to figure out what it was to meet the application deadline. Oops. I want to save you the trouble of Googling the crap out of “how to write a cover letter,” and sorting through the thousands of articles that pop up so today I’m breaking it down fast and simple for you! If you aren’t sure what a cover letter is, it’s basically a letter to a company that you send along with your resume. Usually, it’s read first, hence the term “cover” letter. Since it is the first thing companies read, it’s important to make sure your letter stands out and makes the employer want to look at your resume. Cover letters are super simple to write, I promise. They follow a simple three or four paragraph format, which I’m going to break down for you right now! (Stay until the end and I’ll even share a cover letter template with you!


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