How to Write a Cover Letter (With "No" Experience)
Quick Summary
By the time you’re looking for your first job that requires a cover letter, you’re likely at least 18 years old. In 18 years, you have acquired applicable experience—even if you’ve never held a “job” job before. Maybe you have been in the workforce for decades, but you are making a career transition. In this article, we are going to unearth and explore the experience that you definitely do have—and how to apply it to your new potential role. Your cover letter is important—even more so in the event of limited experience. While a resume is more of a black and white overview of education and experience, a cover letter allows a job applicant to editorialize their own experience. Take advantage of this opportunity—every time. Seriously, even if it isn't required. A good rule of thumb is to always write a cover letter, especially when you have limited experience. If you provide a lite resume, an employer might overlook you. However, when coupled with a cover letter that explains your experience (or lack thereof) and illustrates your sparkling personality, you gain a real leg up.


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