Tips for Effective Networking Event
Quick Summary
Attending a networking event can be unnerving, even for seasoned networkers. While it is not the most enjoyable experience for most people, networking is important for not only growing your business but also your personal professional network. In addition, networking allows you to refine interpersonal skills which will help you in all aspects of your life. Attending networking events doesn’t have to be painful! The process can be easier if you follow these easy tips. Bring a Friend This is for you introverts out there. Does the thought of entering a networking event solo give you hives? Bring a buddy along. Find someone in your office or industry to tagalong if that makes you feel more comfortable. Although you can only do this if you vow to actually network. With other people. Attending a networking event is not very effective if you only network with people that you already know. Make it a plan to spend the first 5-10 minutes together and then head out on your own. You can check in with each other throughout the event but be careful not to pair off in the corner.


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