9 Techniques for Improving Leadership Effectiveness for Better Business Results
Quick Summary
There is much commentary today on the effectiveness of leadership and its true value in driving bottom line results. Many leaders discount the impact of enhancing their leadership behaviours would have on overall culture and employee experience. Many also think that positive engagement and organizational culture do not directly improve bottom line business results, and ignore the many studies which demonstrate this. Unfortunately many leaders succumb to increasing day-to-day pressures and do not dedicate time or money to self-improvement or make efforts to focus on enhancing employee engagement. On June 1st within a recent Harvard Business Review blog, Tony Schwartz, President and CEO of The Energy Project and the author of Be Excellent at Anything, comments on “The Only Thing That Really Matters” for leadership. He recognizes the negative affect on employees who feel undervalued because of lack of acknowledgement or being put down. This has a lasting effect on productivity and commitment to the organization. He references Doug Conant, outgoing CEO of Campbell Soup, as “a rare example of a CEO who truly appreciates the relationship between personal value and the bottom line.


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