Complete fundamentals of drawing+examples+drawing of nose
Complete fundamentals of drawing of making a good drawing+How to draw /shade a realistic nose step by step easy
Created by : Parshwika bhandari
Languages : English (US)
About this course

hello, this course is combination/bundle of 2 courses covering the fundamentals of drawing, what are essential , materials required for drawing, what are essential shading and blending tools and how to use them for your drawing explaining in detail the tips and deep insights oh how to make a smooth shading of skin along with the importance of pencil shading which type of pencil should be used where and how to use it, in detail explanation of light and shadow effect with examples, this course is full package of drawing fundamentals of drawing explained step by step in detail making it so easy that everyone can draw and make a good drawing along with drawing of realistic nose in detail explaining oh how to draw and shade it smoothly covering on how to give highlights and how to make a photo realistic drawing and purpose of this course is to make it so easy that anyone can draw it without any art degree and without any experience.

You will be able to master drawing nose more realistic

1) learn how to draw nose

2) learn how to draw side nose realistically

3) learn the art of shading

4) learn the art of sketching

What you will learn

How to draw and shade nose
How to draw and sketch a nose
How to draw a realistic nose
How to draw and shade a realistic nose
How to sketch a nose
fundamentals of drawing
complete basic course for beginners
essential fundamentals of drawing
everything you need to know oh how to draw a good artwork by easy simple methods


  • Materials required are mention in the videos itself which are required for course
This Course Includes
  • 1.5 total hours on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of Completion