Empower And Protect Your Workspace
With These Safety Signs

Warnings Designs
  • Please use hand sanitizer before entering 2
  • Please maintain physical distance2
  • Masks required beyond this point2
  • Gloves & masks required beyond this point2
  • Thanks for practicing social distancing2
  • Cover mouth & nose with flexed elbow or tissue when sneezing/coughing2
  • Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately2
  • Clean hands save lives2
  • Wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds2
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth2
  • Please practice social distancing1
  • Do not enter if unwell1
  • Stay home if you feel unwell1
  • Spitting could be dangerous1
  • Spitting in public is a health hazard1
  • Clean your hands before getting back to work1
  • Virus outbreak. Proceed with caution1
  • Please proceed this way1
  • Please sanitize your work area regularly1
  • Protect others from getting sick1
  • Please drop off at this point1
  • Do not share personal items1
  • Please exercise extra caution1
  • Handshake-free zone1
  • Limited entry in lift1
  • Do not touch lift walls1
  • Line starts here1
  • Sink is for hand washing only1
  • Temperature check mandatory1
  • Temperature check station1
  • This dustbin is for disposing medical gear1
  • Wait here until asked to step forward1
  • We are open. Order by phone & email only1
  • We are open. Take away & delivery only1
  • We will bring your order to your car1
  • Do not touch the handrails1
  • Please clean your hands after using lift1
  • Maintain distance while parking1
  • Covid-19 Screening1
  • Do not ring the bell call the concerned person1
  • Proper PPE required beyond this point1
  • No visitors allowed due to health safety1
  • Please collect your masks here1
  • We are temporarily closed1
  • Temporarily closed for dining1
  • We are permanently closed1
  • Please act responsibly1
  • Please wash hands before returning to work 1

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