India's First ATS
Manage all your applicants with India’s First ATS ( applicant tracking system) which enables you touse the easiest methods to manage a large number of applicants and applications in less time. Simply take advantage of all the amazing features of ATS.
Interview Scheduler
Modernize the way of scheduling interviews
Know the applicant’s interviewing schedule. You can keep record of exact time and date of the interview and notify them instead of calling whenever needed.
  • Know when your applicant is having an interview
  • Send reminders through notifications
  • Know whether your applicant has shown up or not
Application Integration
Avoid the headache of keeping all applications together!
You can take applications from different locations and keep them together without missing any application. This can be easier for the applicants also as they can approach you from anywhere and also you can manage all the applications.
  • Get applications from different locations.
  • Collect applications easily.
  • Manage them however you want
Hiring Process
Easily keep track of hiring process
Easily keep track on every single candidate’s hiring process. You can check the status of interview rounds cleared or attempted by the applicants with just one click without any fuss.
  • Get every information related to interview rounds.
  • Details of every candidate separately.
  • Manage large number of candidates at once.
Candidate Screening
Presorted candidates according to your preferences
Allot every candidate with the work according to their skills in the resume. Match patterns with the candidates qualifications and the work required in the job. Easily decide whether to move the candidate or reject them.
Inquire by questioning
You can create questionnaires to take personal details or answers of other questions related to the job. In questionnaires you can inquire all information about the applicant before starting the interview process.
  • Prepare questionnaires with questions of your choice
  • Use templates of questionnaires
  • Get all the details you want from the applicants
Compare Candidates
Hiring the best fit for your company is a crucial part so compare candidates.
Compare applicants to choose the perfect candidate. You can easily compare on the basis of their qualifications and skills to shortlist or select them. You can also very easily compare a large number of candidates in less time.
  • Gives details separately which simplifies analyzing.
  • Helps in finding the best fit.
  • Analyze a large number of candidates in less time.
Drop Resume
No vacancies? Still hire people!
Get candidates whenever you want. Even if you don’t have vacancies in your company, willing candidates can still apply. Without wasting anytime you can hire people immediately whenever in need.
  • Directly have applicants in emergency vacancies.
  • Enables to hire people instantly.
  • Keeps you one step ahead in recruitments
Skip the hectic process of filling details, design your application with templates.
Create and modify your profile with templates. Use them for questionnaires, hiring process or any other types of details. You can edit or modify them as per your requirement.
  • Use templates for various types of details.
  • Save your time and use inbuilt templates.
  • Get templates of questionnaires, hiring process and other types.
Chat Box
Don’t you think that e-mails are professional but slow?
Connect with the applicants with the chat box. You can have a smooth conversation with the applicants anytime. You can save more and speed up the recruiting process and it makes approaching applicants easier and also you can keep applicants updated with all the information.
  • Chat with your applicants
  • Easily take queries
  • Approach applicants whenever you want