SafeJob: A new job portal takes shape – how it is different from other such websites
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The Covid-19 economic crisis has disrupted the job market, and certain reports say that millions of jobs are at risk. All is not lost, however. “We need to take steps to connect people to the right jobs,” says Divya Jain, founder & CEO of Safeducate, a skills training provider.

Safeducate, the supply chain management and logistics training major, runs 150-odd physical classroom centres across the country. In March, when the lockdown started, these classrooms had to be closed. “But learning shouldn’t stop,” says Divya Jain. Safeducate then partnered with Seekify (a Sequoia-funded company) to create Safejob, a digital job-preparedness platform. Among other things, it does free assessment of a job-seeker, provides personalised online training, and connects him/her to the ‘right’ job.

“In just two days of Safejob taking shape, we were able to transfer about 3,500 students onto the platform, who started training online immediately,” adds Divya Jain. While Safeducate brings trainers and pedagogy, Seekify—the customer experience automation platform—brings in the technology part. “We have been able to analyse jobs, break them into skills, and do focused skilling for particular roles; all the training is vernacular and short-term. Safejob was born in the time of Covid-19.”

Arihant Jain, co-founder, Seekify, adds that skill matching is what is truly needed today. “At Safejob, we aim to scientifically bridge the gap between a job-seeker’s CV and a JD at the company level.” Seekify also brings technology to run sessions live and on-demand, so that people who access Safejob even on a basic smartphone with low bandwidth can do so easily.

Unlike some other job search engines, Safejob uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to help job-seekers connect to the right job. “Using data analytics, we have been able to break down jobs into skills. We tell the job-seeker what are the actual skills needed for a particular job. In addition, our artificial intelligence engine helps you with the exact course you should be doing, and after that particular training is over, the system will predict what the next course should be, and so on,” adds Arihant Jain.

User experience

A job-seeker who comes onto the platform can expect the following:

Clear the quick assessment and know the job evaluation score—one can create a micro CV and take a small skills assessment test.

Explore career paths based on interests and the assessment score—using data analytics and artificial intelligence, Safejob suggests the right careers and jobs (this suggestion is based on the information the job-seeker earlier shared).

Get job-ready with recommended training—based on the job-seeker’s profile and assessment, the artificial intelligence engine suggests personalised training videos that one can watch anytime. Upon completion of your training, the Safejob team helps the job-seeker get recruited at the right place.

While Safeducate and Safejobs are separate entities, the platform has been extended for every Safeducate student; Safejob is a student-paid model, but one that assures a job.

“Since we started, we have seen 100% month-on-month growth in terms of numbers,” says Divya Jain.

While there are too many portals that focus on jobs in urban India, until and unless we focus on rural India we may not be able to uplift all Indians together. “That’s why areas such as logistics, retail, BFSI, e-commerce, textiles and healthcare are what we are focusing on; grey collar jobs and a lot of regional focus,” adds Divya Jain. “Safeducate is deeply entrenched into Bharat, we not just understand skilling, but also how to place the students; we’ve been doing it for the past 13 years.”

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