How to Build Your Personal Brand

As an aspiring business leader, you’ll be well aware of the value of your personal brand. It’s what proceeds you as you work towards your ambitious goals – a brand that encapsulates your character, your determination, and your skills. This article looks at how you can build your personal brand, making for yourself a strong and suitable image that helps you achieve what you set out to achieve. Whether you’re looking for promotions in response to your performances, or to build a network of admiring colleagues and clients across the course of your career, your personal brand will help you hit your stride in the business world.

Play Off Your Best Skills

The first thing to consider when building a personal brand is your skillset. Ask yourself the question: how would you like to promote yourself? Draw upon your most impressive skills in tailoring your brand to you. They might be:

  • Leadership credentials
  • Teamwork and project management expertise
  • High-flying financier
  • Top-level organizational professional
  • Man-management skills

Whatever your particular strong suit, put that front and center of your brand – it is, after all, what you’ll be best-known for in your given industry.

Media Profile

A large part of your brand stems from the profile that you’re able to maintain in the media. In business, the foremost social media is, of course, LinkedIn – and as such it’s one of the most important areas from which to promote your personal brand. You can do this in a plethora of ways, but you should absolutely make sure that you do the following:

  • Write an expert profile with up-to-date information.
  • Reach out to all those across your network on the platform.
  • Regularly share and publish writing that relates to your industry.
  • Engage with LinkedIn professional to build a stronger network.
  • Get endorsements and interactions.

Elsewhere in the media, if you’re ever mentioned in online media discourse – for instance in an interview with an online business magazine – recall that this will be one of the first things to appear if you’re Google searched. Ensure you’re aware of this, and that you play off it where necessary.

Host a Personal Website

Finally, to really boost your online profile – the one that you’ll be able to tailor into your particular brand – you should also work on hosting a personal website that shows off all of your work, your achievements, and your passions. Think of it like a digital CV in which you can detail everything you’d like your network, and strangers, to know about you. Choose to partner with a reliable web host such as Krystal in order to run your site completely stress-free.

On your site, you should write a charismatic introduction, and include any mentions you’ve had in the media, or even written endorsements from superiors and colleagues that you’ve collected across your career. Make sure you include contact details, too, so that people who’re interested in engaging with you can do so from your site.

These tips should help any aspiring business leader get ahead in the modern corporate world – building a brand that helps them achieve more, quicker, over a successful career.