The One Thing That Damages Your Leadership The Most

Being a leader can be a fragile existence, because leadership is not about position, it’s about who you are and what you do. Yes, some people will follow you because of a title, but long-term sustainable leadership comes from peoples decision to follow you, and this comes from the degree in trust that they have in you.


In the video, I explain the negative impact that inconsistency that can have on your ability to lead.

Inconsistency, or flip-flopping as I like to call it, undermines your credibility, it makes it difficult for your followers to support you as they are not sure what they should be supporting, is it the flip or the flop. Being inconsistent can create doubt in their minds about what you would expect them to do in a given situation, and doubt reduces their effectiveness and your impact.

Trust is a cornerstone of leadership, and flip-flopping doesn’t build trust it creates distrust, and distrust is not a highly regarded leadership trait.