The Power of Outcome Based Thinking

Outcome-based thinking was the change in my leadership approach that revolutionized the results I was achieving.

I’ve always been relatively successful, sometimes just using sheer brute for of personality to drive projects to success. Often this was difficult, stressful and could be frustrating.

When I made the switch to outcome-based thinking it empowered me, it allowed me to take control and ownership, which made me look at things in completely different ways. It made me challenge many of the conventional approaches, approaches that often led to failure. According to research, over 60% of projects fail, 80% of first time businesses fail, so clearly conventional thinking is flawed.

Outcome-based thinking liberates you from following these failing approaches and look to define solutions based on the outcomes you are looking for. 

It’s also more engaging for your because when they can understand the outcomes you are seeking then they can provide feedback on whether the approach will succeed or not.

If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”      Michael Jordan

Again according to research, on projects that fail, 75 percent of people who were involved knew it would fail right from the start. So if you can share the outcomes and ask for feedback it will help ensure you out the right plans in place.

Outcome-based thinking forces you to focus on the destination rather than just the journey. When you focus on the destination you’re more likely to arrive there.

The change to outcome-based thinking helped me to dramatically improve the performance of my teams by 50-500 percent, and increase the successful delivery rates of projects from 21 % to over 80%

Outcome-based thinking can improves results, because it forces you to focus on results. And where you focus goes so does your energy!