Importance of Good Communication Skills

Communication is one important thing in our lives. Our communication skills leave an impression on the people we have a conversation with. People often ignore the aspect of communication skills. They don’t focus on it and end up making bad impressions. Sometimes the reason for somebody’s rejection in an interview can be a lack of good communication skills. Some people don’t get much attention in the workplace because they really are not good at communication. Not only in your professional life but good communication matters in your personal life too. If you are on a date and are not able to convey your message properly or you say things that you are not supposed to say, you can have a bad impression on the person.



Just think about it when you meet someone for the first time, what do you really notice? Or what grabs your attention first? It is very obvious in their communication skills. If you find somebody speaking politely, having good body language, listening when you are speaking, and speaking clearly. You very naturally want to talk more with them. The best way to showcase your confidence is through good communication.


Good communication is a lot similar to good manners. Good manners lie in good communication. In our daily life chats, we tend to speak however we want. But do we notice that it has an impact on our relationships? To have good basic communication we need to put our main focus on a few things. We should be polite as politeness gives a sense of positivity and also looks very respectful. We should try to listen to the speaker very carefully because we very often have a situation where our friend or relative is sad or is sharing a problem. If we don’t play our part of listening here and instead we start sharing our problems or views very naturally our friends will feel offended.



We should also focus on thinking before speaking. Because many times we speak out every thought we have without thinking and that is not the right thing to do. To make a connection with someone we should always have the right attitude and body language also. With friends, and family we should have a sense of politeness and emotion in our way of communicating. Just because you are close to someone it doesn't mean you can say whatever you like. Sometimes you have realized that people make distance yourself from you because you say things that you are not supposed to say and also in an unacceptable way.


Workplace communication is one thing we should understand. If you don’t have a good connection with your colleagues, or bosses, let me tell you the first reason can be your poor way of communicating. In your workplace, you are much more likely to be respectful first. And for that, you should have a non-aggressive tone. You should try to convey your thoughts and messages with the right words and in the best way possible. You should be confident and polite at the same time. Your tone should be soft and you should be clear with every word. Over here also you should have a connecting body language and the right type of attitude. If your attitude is not right or is misinterpreted, it can be impactful but in a bad way.


If you lack good communication skills, it is going to be very hard for you to crack interviews. When you go for an interview you should be very particular with what you speak. You should greet the interviewer very politely and in the best way possible. While introducing yourself you should speak everything clearly and should avoid using words like “obviously”, and “of course”. They seem very disrespectful and impolite. Even if their situations where you are losing your patience you should try to keep your tone soft because sometimes the interviewer tries to test your patience. Be careful of everything and think before you speak because not all but some interviews can be hectic you might lose your patience at some point and you may speak anything. It is very important to be confident, if you lack confidence you are most likely to get rejected.



kashish budhiraja
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