Love what you do!

When it comes to careers, people mostly think about money. Some people even define occupation as only a source of earning money. In the rush of earning a good amount of money, people forget to enjoy their time and their work. Most people choose their career on the basis of how much salary they would get but not on the basis of their interests or passion.



“Passion” isn't a fascinating word? But how much do we use it? It is just in the back of our heads, just sitting there where nobody uses it. People have become ignorant of passion. But passion actually is something that is a part of our lives. Let's see the brighter side, passion is not in our lives but it is still in the back of our heads. How?


Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Now this says a lot! Let's see it from the career point of view. Suppose you are a news anchor. What qualities would you look for in a news anchor? Of course, good communication skills, fluency in the language, should have knowledge of various different topics, confidence, intelligence, passionate. Oh! You see that word comes everywhere. What would a news anchor be without passion? This doesn’t only apply to the job of news anchoring but on any other work. People leave their passions behind and do the work which will only get them money. Because of this they easily get bored and wait for retirement. And this is also one of the main reasons for procrastination. When people don’t like what they do they keep on delaying it and that is what makes everything worse. Most people complain about 9 to 5 timing jobs, but the reality is that if you love to do your job you would never mind the timings. Boredom comes when you don't find things interesting. If you find your job interesting, you are more likely to give your best. You can show more creativity and enthusiasm when you do the things you love to do. If you see children, they do things which they love to do all day long without getting tired but the things which they don’t like to do they don’t even do it for a minute. People would say “Well, they are children, they don’t have responsibilities.” but here what we need to understand is that what children do is our true nature. We should not force ourselves into work or situations we don’t like. We should take time and understand our liking and interests and then believe in ourselves and go for it.



Think for a second are we here only to earn money? Well, yes we need money for our basic needs. But the thing we should understand is, what if Mark Zuckerberg thought that instead of making an application that would connect people, he should do science and become a doctor because that would for sure bring him money? But he chooses the work which he loved to do and sees how much he earns. Matter of fact he comes on the list of the world’s top ten billionaires. The key to the success of all these people is that they loved to do what they did. Who knows if you do what you love to do, what wonders you might do. What the world would be if everybody loved their jobs.


Passion is a strong desire which can get you to do amazing things. Passion is a mixture of words like love, conviction, and determination. So basically we should understand that passion is our default. If you don't like to do something, you cannot give your fullest to it even if you are good at it. But if you love something you can always give your best, you will never get bored of doing it. And what more would you love if you would get paid for doing it? So go look for your passion.