Jobs likely to be in demand post pandemic period
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The pandemic has not only brought havoc in personal lives but has also flipped the professional world upside down. With lockdowns and work from home guidelines, several companies are cutting down on the budget, leaving thousands of people jobless. Lack of employment was as it is a problem in India, even before Covid-19 knocked on the doors to make it worse. 

With the economic condition of the market in shady waters, businesses are dismissing the existing employees, let alone think of hiring new ones. In difficult times like these, people are worried about “What Next”? “How will they find new jobs?” “Should they change their career path and look for something new?” Everyone, be it the employees or the employers, are distressed. 

But, Prakash Mishra, Founder and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy, advises not to lose hope and look for the shining light behind the dark clouds. He is a Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing strategist and is also socially very active in imparting knowledge about the latest trends and technology. 

During a conversation, Prakash Mishra talks about the jobs likely to be in demand post pandemic period. 

  1. Cyber Security Experts:

Cybercrime has gained traction during the lockdowns. Since most of the businesses are operating online, this has given a golden chance to the cybercriminals to clean their hands on hacking, phishing, malware threats, etc. In wake of this, the demand for cyber security experts is going to rise in the near future.

  1. Data Science Experts:

Artificial intelligence is speedily becoming a part of every business and this technology mainly functions with a large amount of data. The work of a data scientist is to collect, analyse and organise this huge data. Now that majority of the businesses are dependent on data-driven insights, the demand for data science experts is like to grow rapidly. 

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Experts:

A large number of people are now preferring home deliveries rather than stepping out to shop. This has risen the demand for supply chain management jobs across the globe. Logistics and supply chain management includes acquiring, storing management, packaging of goods, dispatching and delivering the products to stores as well as customers. With frequent lockdowns in motion, the demand for logistics and supply chain management experts is also likely to rise soon.

  1. Digital Marketing Experts:

This is one job that was in demand even before the pandemic and is going to gain larger traction even in the post pandemic period. Businesses are shifting their base to the online world which automatically increases the demand for digital marketing experts to increase and maintain the digital presence in the competitive online world. 

  1. Healthcare Experts:

The pandemic does not seem to take a break at only Corona Virus. With this virus, several other deadly diseases like the black fungus and delta variant have also desolated several lives. With the daily increasing number of patients,  the demand for healthcare experts, especially frontline staff has seen a surge and is not likely to fade at least for the coming few years. 

“Rather than glooming over the lost jobs and sulking in worry over “What Next”, it is always a good idea to look for opportunities and update your skills as per the market demand,” says Prakash Mishra. 

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