The Interview look for Men

Keep in mind that the interview attire should be picked out thoughtfully. You must heard  “first impression is a last impression". So choose the attire in the way that you may impress the interviewee. First of all, I would like to tell the readers that if you are searching for jobs with a good stipend, and good profile then you must went to EmpowerYouth. Dress code for interview is a common question that many people think while looking for a job. But deciding what to wear is not that difficult as people might think. You know what, dressing for success is an immense part of making a good impression.


In a business professional atmosphere, suits are compulsory. Men should get dressed in blazer or suit jacket, suit pants, a tie, button down shirt, and dress shoes. When interviewing at business casual company forget the suits as the men might opt slacks or chinos, a button down shirt, a belt and shoes. It's important to look professional while interviewing at a casual office. Men might opt for wearing a khaki pant and a belt, long-sleeved shirt, and dress shoes. Let me help you by telling about the interview looks.


While moving for an interview at startup companies or non-professional jobs opt a casual look or if interviewing for a professional position, stick to a formal look. Wear a light coloured or khaki blazer and coordinating pants if you are not sure if the company you are interviewing at demands a business casual or business formal type of dress.



Now take a look at some do's and don't in men's attire for an interview.



  • Shirt and a tie- A shirt should be chosen that could complement your suit. The shirt should be in a soft colour and make sure that the colour is not too bright though.Shirt should be tucked in. Shirt cuffs show only slightly at the wrist.

  • Tie- A neck tie colour should be the classic one. Comparable classic colours are burgundy, navy blue or green. The ties with a simple repeating patterns will be good for a job interview. Tie should be simple. Traditional ties put the best impression.

  • Trouser- A trouser should be plain and is of dark shade. The recommended colour pants for a interview is usually black. It will be appropriate to wear khakis to match the attire accordingly. Wear the fitted pants, they shouldn't be tight, but rather trim.


  • Shoes- The shoes should be well polished. You could consider to wear the leather lace-up or slip-on dress shoes. If you are searching for which colour then you should go with black, brown or cardovan. Wear the socks that matches your trousers. Wear the socks that don’t expose your bare skin.


  • Hair- Hair should be neatly set. Trim your hair around the neck and ears.




  • The tie should not too flashy
  • No t-shirts and jeans
  • No beards
  • No earrings
  • Untucked shirt creates an unkempt, messy appearance.
  • Light perfume and colonge



TIP- Understand the difference between formal and party wear tie. A tip for you that make sure that your outfit should be free of wrinkles and stains and your hair and nails are well groomed. Just understand the fact that if you are well.