Why interviews are better than questionnaires

The recruiting process can be hectic for the people who are willing to get selected for their dream jobs. So here the most raised question comes whether an interview is better than questionnaires or vice versa. Well, it depends on different factors. We will discuss it in this blog. But before moving ahead I would like to introduce a career platform that will help you to get your dream job with good stipend. EmpowerYouth is a platform that will provide you the jobs and internships.



First of all, we should understand the meaning of interviews and questionnaires. The questionnaires are mailed to the respondents, to be answered, in the manner specified in the cover letter. It implies a form that consists of a series of written or printed multiple choice questions which is to be marked by the respondent. The interview is a one-to-one communication where the respondents are asked the questions directly. It is a formal conversation between the interviewer and respondent where they participate in a question-answer round. Questionnaires include closed-ended questions whereas the interviews include open-ended questions.


The questionnaires provide factual information whereas the interviews provide analytical information. The questionnaire is objective whereas the nature of the interview is subjective. So here comes the exact question Why interviews are better than questionnaires? Here is the answer. In questionnaires, people say what they think looks good which shows that it focuses on social desirability. On sensitive issues, people may not tell the truth. The postal survey might have a low response rate. Whereas in interviews detailed information could be obtained. It avoids oversimplifying complex issues. Greater importance is given to an individual's point of view.



For a business to succeed, a company needs the right people in the workplace. So the firm examines the respondent while taking interviews or by filling out the questionnaires. From the above-mentioned information, it is somewhere clear that interviews are better than questionnaires because personal interaction(which can be telephonic) is better than answering some questions. The face-to-face interviews help to gain a better idea of the applicant’s personality, and behavior. The interviews show the correct and actual reality of an individual and whether it is suitable for your firm or not. Moreover, in interviews, the interviewer can suspense the body language of an interviewee. Through the interview, the interviewer gets a clear sense of the candidate’s ability to speak about the field, job, and industry.