How To Write Cover Letter
How To Write Cover Letter

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Writing a cover letter doesn't have to be so difficult. Here, we break down the cover letter into 5 sections to make sure you impress that recruiter.
Knowing how to write a cover letter will make the difference between landing a job interview or not. Although not all job postings require a cover letter, se
When I was working in Career Services, the thing I got the most questions about was cover letters. No one seemed to know why they needed one, if they needed one
Applying for jobs can be awkward, especially when companies ask for an application process that feels disjointed. We often see employers ask for applicants to e
If you’re not comfortable tooting your own horn, writing a cover letter can be even worse than crafting a beautiful resume- telling your future employer why t
Do recruiters and hiring managers read cover letters today? Absolutely! The reason cover letters get such a bad reputation is because most job seekers don’t t
Your cover letter is an opportunity to impress. Get it right and a hiring manager will open your beautifully crafted resume with relish and a sense of optimism.
I had no idea what a cover letter was until about a month into my first semester of college when I went to apply to be an orientation leader. Then I was scrambl
As a professional resume writer, you’d think that writing a killer cover letter would come easily to me. Yet, I regularly dreaded having to sit down and write
By the time you’re looking for your first job that requires a cover letter, you’re likely at least 18 years old. In 18 years, you have acquired applicable e